Alcohol, Humour and ‘Elf and Safety

As a mature, retired navy veteran, who, has served Queen and Country and done my bit, I feel qualified in having a good moan about where the modern world is heading these days. What with political correctness, wokeism, LGTBQ, teatotalism, 'elf and safety in the workplace' and the strangulation of the good old British sense … Continue reading Alcohol, Humour and ‘Elf and Safety

My Retirement project

Once I retired, I had to find something to do with all my spare time and being an occasional modelmaker from school days, I decided to make a model ship that I’d wanted to build all my life. So, I sent away for the plans and spent about ten zillion hours building a model of … Continue reading My Retirement project

Diving the Shipwrecks of NZs Dusky Sound

Since the introduction of the aqualung, sea diving has become increasingly more popular, allowing individual divers to penetrate the depths and uncover secrets that have been hidden from us for hundreds of years. In 1986, a party of professional and enthusiastic amateur divers set out on a month-long expedition, to explore Dusky Sound, an area … Continue reading Diving the Shipwrecks of NZs Dusky Sound

The Black Knight Satellite and the Blue Planet

Captain Zernov raised one hand for silence; “Attention! This briefing will be held using the English language, and from now on all verbal and computer communication will be in this medium, which just happens to be the main language of the creatures who inhabit the primitive, but rather attractive blue-green planet which you can see … Continue reading The Black Knight Satellite and the Blue Planet