The Miracle of Little Girls

I was advised by a couple of modern young women that I shouldn’t post this little article on my blog as it could be interpreted as an attack on women, or as an ‘old man’ with an unhealthy interest in children. I was shocked that the modern world could see that what was intended as … Continue reading The Miracle of Little Girls

Marriage, Superstition and the Modern Woman

These Days, where love and marriage are concerned, modern women, who would not consider themselves superstitious, often, unwittingly follow ancient superstitious rituals, whose origins have long been mostly forgotten, thinking them to be merely quaint traditions. Even Princess Diana wore a veil on her way to the church. For example, most brides wear a veil … Continue reading Marriage, Superstition and the Modern Woman

Diving the Shipwrecks of NZs Dusky Sound

Since the introduction of the aqualung, sea diving has become increasingly more popular, allowing individual divers to penetrate the depths and uncover secrets that have been hidden from us for hundreds of years. In 1986, a party of professional and enthusiastic amateur divers set out on a month-long expedition, to explore Dusky Sound, an area … Continue reading Diving the Shipwrecks of NZs Dusky Sound